The Clockwork Rose is the fictional watering hole of the adventurer Captain Sebastian Commodore. When Captain Commodore would return to England he and the crew of his airship, The Nautimore, would gather at The Clockwork Rose to tell the tales of their travels. We have recreated these accounts into cocktails for all to enjoy.

You never know, one day Sebastian Commodore may return to tell more stories.

Will you be there to hear them?

Captain Sebastian Commodore


Sebastian Commodore was born on the Islands of Allende to Cerise and Allister Commodore, during the second age of exploration. As a child he liked to watch his mother inventing gadgets and tinkering with her solo-pilot airship. One night when he was 11 he tried to take his mothers airship and go on his own adventures. He had almost reached the edge of the island before he got caught in a tree and was stuck there until he was found the next morning.

Between the ages of 14 and 16 he tried to enlist in the Royal Air Navy 6 times but was turned away due to his age every time. A few weeks before his 18th birthday his mother went missing, flying into a storm created by a Sky Kraken. Sebastian spent the next month building his own ship to go out looking for her but before it was finished a great war broke out between the land and sky nations and Sebastian was drafted to fight.

After the war, Sebastian came home having achieved the rank of Flight Sergeant as well as a number of medals for bravery. He worked in the family bakery for a few months before he re-enlisted to the R.A.N. and was posted to the exploration ship HMAS Brunswick under Captain Thaddeus Major. Sebastian moved up the ranks quite quickly and after 5 years of hard work found himself as an Air Commander.

During a mutiny led by the First Officer, Sebastian remained by his Captain’s side. The rebellion was suppressed and Sebastian was awarded the rank of Commander First Class, making him the Captain’s new First Officer. After thwarting a pirate and racketeering ring Sebastian Commodore was given his first Command the HMAS Nautimore, it is on this ship his greatest adventures took place. Luckily for us Captain Commodore liked to spend his shore leave in The Clockwork Rose and regale us with stories of his adventures. To help us remember these stories we have created a cocktail for each one.

Please feel free to read the tales that have been retold by us and remember to raise a glass to Captain Sebastian Commodore and his crew, wherever they may be. . .


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